20–21 July 2024
Animals and plants, exciting technology,
genuine farm food, workshops and tours

The Open Farm Day will be held all over Estonia for the tenth time on 20–21 June 2024. The main day of the event is Sunday. Many participating farms and agricultural producers will open their doors (or rather their gates!) to visitors on as well.

You will get to see farms of all sizes, interesting animals and plants and some cool farming equipment and machinery. You can also try real farm food, go on excursions, take part in workshops and much more. Each farm will be running its own programme showcasing what makes it special.

The Open Farm Day represents a great opportunity to discover how local food is grown and what modern farming and agriculture involve.

When was the last time you came face-to-face with a goat or took the wheel of a combine harvester? Come to the countryside and you can do both!


Please see the map at www.avatudtalud.ee/et/kulastajale - the farms marked with a blue balloon are open on both Saturday and Sunday.


Come and have a staring contest with a goat or try steering a combine harvester!


The Open Farm Day is organised by the Ministry of Regional Affairs and Agriculture and the Centre of Estonian Rural Research and Knowledge (METK).

Don't forget!

  • Take your time on the visit
  • Bring a good mood with you
  • Follow the instructions of the hosts
  • Adhere to the time schedule
  • Have some cash with you
  • If it rains, bring rubber boots and raincoats
  • Leave your pets at home to keep them and the farm animals safe
  • Ask questions of the hosts
  • Enjoy your day!

Farms and producers

Reve Lambur, Centre of Estonian Rural Research and Knowledge (METK)

reve.lambur@metk.agri.ee, 529 8009

Reve provides participation information and help for the farms.

Press and the public

Heili Sõrmus, Ministry of Regional Affairs and Agriculture

heili.sormus@agri.ee, 5622 8240

Heili manages the Open Farm Day project and is responsible for media relations.